Welcome to the game server Ultima Online Forgotten World

What you need to start playing:
1. Register the game account.
2. Download the game, if you already have Ultima Online, just download our update.
3. Read the installation manual.
4. The answers to your questions you will find in newbie section or ask on our forum.

It is not easy to find an online game, which you would like at once, and if you need a free multiplayer online game, begins even more difficult to find the ideal, because the game should like not only for you, but also to all other players, with whom you will play at huge MMORPG world.

Our game server is made in the best canons of on-line games and will allow you to enjoy multiplayer role game in a circle of the friends and familiar.

The world of Ultima Online affords you an opportunity to be in the fantastic middle ages world. In Ultima Online practically there are no limits for self-expression!

In this game you can become the monster hunter, furious murderer of other players, enterprising dealer, professional handicraftsman, sea wolf, ancient treasures hunter, diggerman etc. Here you can realize all desires
and to be the one you wish to be without any limitations!

The high-performance server and 1 Gb/sec Internet channel is provided by the company Corbina Telecom.

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